Golf in Dublin

Ireland is home to some of the magnificent golf courses in the world, and Dublin itself contains some popular golf clubs. You can book your tee times online at any of these golf courses or find out about the services and facilities each of these golf courses has to offer.

Golf is an individual sport. Golfers play independently but on the same course, no doubt they are competing against one another but only with their scores. Golf can be called as gentleman or gentle lady’s’ game. It is a quiet and sophisticated sport. We see that there is a set of social rules that all golfers have to follow so; we can say that playing golf is just like having and practicing good table manners. The golf clubs in Dublin can surely marked as magnificent places for golf lovers to spend their holidays with fun and etiquettes.

Golf has ideal circumstances in Ireland. The ideal time to play and to enjoy golf in Ireland is during the summer season. The main and the most important Irish tournament of international level is the Murphy’s Irish Open Golf Tournament, which attracts thousands of sports lovers to watch.

Dublin offers a broad variety of world famous golf courses to play. Almost all of these courses are appropriate for beginners and experts both. It is commonly recommended as world’s best golfing spot by golf travel publications and tourism leaflets. The only problem is to decide which ones to visit! Dublin Events is here to solve your difficulty. Browse around and your problems will be solved.