Information About Promotional Golf Umbrellas

In this article, I discuss using promotional golf umbrellas for promoting your brand.  Umbrellas are available in many different price brackets. Each can be printed with your logo and/or design.


There are few better ways of promoting your organization or business than with promotional golf umbrellas. Golf is a popular sport so giving these promotional gifts to your golfing customers will ensure that they are used often promoting your brand when they are. A lot of business is done on the golf course so having customers that use your printed umbrellas on the course ensures excellent brand building opportunities for your business. These very popular business gifts are the ideal corporate gift for getting your logo and details out and about.

Most promotional golf umbrellas are approximately 30 inches diameter. This allows you a lot of space to print your logo, details or even a complete full colour design all over the top of the umbrella. In fact, I recommend that you do so as full colour visuals can be very attractive, eye-catching advertisements for your company. One thing is certain, your promo golf umbrella gifts will not get lost in a drawer like other smaller less useful gifts. Golf Umbrellas are practical products that will be used on rainy and sunny days

Golf umbrellas are available in many styles and price brackets. They are available with wooden, fiberglass and metal stems, square and round domes, and a large array of plastic, rubber and wooden handles. Whether you are looking for tradition hook umbrellas or modern fiberglass umbrellas printed with a funky design, you are sure to find the right promotional golf umbrella to suit your company image.

Brighter colours are noticed a lot more than darker colours. That said, you will want to be a little careful with your design. Bright is good but keep it under control and not over the top as people may be reluctant to use an umbrella that is to bright. Try to find a happy medium that promotes your logo and details and allows them to stand out without being lost in an overbearing design.

You will find golf umbrellas in many different price brackets. Prices start around $ 4.00 each for Chinese imported umbrellas. More expensive designs feature extra strong storm resistant frames, special soft feel print that additional features like comfort grips and carrying cases. A good supplier should be able to recommend models that are within your budget and if time allows even let you see samples to assist you with your decision. If you are in a rush, many imported versions can be printed and despatched on special 5 day express services.

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